Oxymoron Entertainment: History Is History

Personal stories are told in the latest Oxymoron Entertainment film, which is a documentary titled “After Porn Ends.”  Every person brings a unique personal experience to the film.  Embracing life after porn was made more difficult because of some residual effects left from the past.  Finding work and restoring old friendships provided the basis for each individual to move forward.  Oxymoron Entertainment knows that many people have watched the documentary.  Thousands of people are learning that real people deserve the opportunity to work and live without judgment from others.  Maybe the current participants in adult films with have an easier road after they depart.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Friends Forgive

From the Oxymoron Entertainment production After Porn Ends - Nina Hartley

From the Oxymoron Entertainment production After Porn Ends - Nina Hartley

Adult film stars learn that many friends will depart when they find out and others will be more accepting that they could have imagined.  Oxymoron Entertainment created a documentary titled, “After Porn Ends,” to allow two different perspectives within the industry.  Each interview reveals personal struggles of real people who had to work hard to restore friendships after leaving the industry and others reveal a love and close bond with the community.  Old friends will reconsider or remain close in connection to the industry.  Oxymoron Entertainment has encouraged current adult film stars to watch the film.  Hopefully, they will learn what is possible in their attempts to leave the adult film industry.  Each person in the film mentioned the importance of restoring old friendships.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Leaving the Past in the Past

Raylene from the documentary After Porn Ends, produced by Christopher Mallick

Raylene from the documentary After Porn Ends, produced by Christopher Mallick

The stories told in the new Oxymoron Entertainment documentary “After Porn Ends” are told in the first person.  Departure from the adult film industry was difficult or they felt they had to at that specific time.  Attempts to start anew were hindered by addictions and emotional scars left behind by a misunderstood profession.  New careers and old relationships had to be assembled into what most people would call a normal life.  Once the past was dealt with, the individual could find healing and new interests.  Many of the interviewees mentioned the importance of watching the documentary for those currently in adult films.

After Porn Ends:






Oxymoron Entertainment: Adjustments Are Required

From the Oxymoron Entertainment production After Porn Ends - Tiffany Million the bounty hunter

From the Oxymoron Entertainment production After Porn Ends - Tiffany Million the bounty hunter

Participants in the newest documentary from Oxymoron Entertainment titled “After Porn Ends” have left the adult film industry in the past.  Personal struggles to build a normal life in the face of the stigma assigned to porn have made life challenging.  People are slow to forget an adult film star’s former profession.  Changes to relationships and finances cause each former star to take one day at a time.  Some interviewees become writers, artists or social activists.  One creative soul became a bounty hunter.  These new professions have enabled each person to build a new identity and life after leaving the adult film industry.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Script is Primary

Every film project at Oxymoron Entertainment begins with a unique script that tells a relevant story.  Decisions are driven by the content of the script.  Film locations are important because original content is used to tell the entire story.  Oxymoron Entertainment works outside of the studio system, which creates the freedom necessary to make great films.  Actors are chosen for their ability to fill the role as written in the script.  The story written by the screenwriter will come to life on the screen through the efforts of the Oxymoron Entertainment team.  Audience members will come away from the film with a renewed perspective.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Screenwriters are Important

Storytelling is a fine art that develops through life experience and practice.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers seek scripts that tell relevant stories that can be transformed into the next movie.  Every Oxymoron Entertainment project begins with a script, which is written by the all-important scriptwriter.  Without these creative geniuses, there would be no working actors, directors, studios, camera operators, film and television media or plays.  The script-driven approach at Oxymoron Entertainment relies on the creativity of effective screenwriters for every aspect of the project.  Original content is filmed on locations based on the script.  Every role is filled to represent the character developed by the screenwriter.